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Graphic Design

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Project Details

Client: Tryst Event, the Little Red Studio

Date/Location: 2009/Seattle, WA

Details: Freelance design project for postcards and 11×17 posters, as well as logo design. The client chose this iteration of the design from a choice of three that I created for this project. The client was looking for a sexy, classy, dark cabaret style design for an event that featured performers such as aerialists, bellydancers, and acrobats in a Moulin Rouge style venue. Client supplied all copy.


Client: Self (Promotional material)

Date/Location: 2006/Seattle, WA

Details: Valentines card created for Deviant:Design promotion. Sent out to customers and also sold in packs of ten at the Fremont Sunday Market, I Heart Rummage, and various vendor events throughout Seattle.


Client: Post War Trade/Dresden Dolls

Date/Location: 2008/Seattle, WA

Details: Freelance design project for Post War Trade, the merchandise branch of the Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer. This shirt design was the preferred of a series of three created at the request of Post War Trade commissioned by Amanda Palmer. Unfortunately the design was never printed due possibly to the hiatus/break up of the Dresden Dolls that occurred shortly after the design was commissioned.


Client: Transmutation Blog

Date/Location: 2010/Seattle, WA

Details: Website banner for my science/art/culture blog. Designed to fit site host specifications. Project concept was to design imagery that spoke to both science and art.


Client: All For One, Inc.

Date/Location: 2008/Seattle, WA

Details: Business card design for a non-profit social media company. The client was looking for a hip, clean two-color design with birds. Considering the social communication aspect of the company, I liked the idea of using the telephone pole imagery. I felt that telephone lines would suggest communication as well as fitting in well with the client’s request for birds. The client chose this version out of three concept designs.


Client: Rocker Mama Brigade

Date/Location: 2007/Seattle, WA

Details: Business card and logo design for a meetup group for moms. In order for the design to be used for silk screened textiles affordably, it was important to keep it a two-color design. The target market for the group were non-traditional mothers who enjoyed rock music. I felt that the design featuring a mohawked kid represented both parenting and rock music effectively.


Client: The Little Red Studio

Date/Location: 2010/Seattle, WA

Details: 11×17 poster and postcard design for the Little Red Studio’s Halloween show. The client requested a greyscale design. He also requested that the design have a “spooky 1930s dinner-party” feel, since that was the setting of the theatre production. I felt that the 1930s themed wallpaper pattern spoke to the idea of the inside of a house and that the ghostly face helped communicate the idea that theatre would be presented. The client wrote all copy for the poster and postcard.


Client: Ball State University Multicultural Center

Date/Location: 2003/Muncie, IN

Details: Winning design for the BSU Multicultural Center Logo Competition.


Client: Carefree Club Community Center

Date/Location: 2002/Muncie, IN

Details: Logo design for a non-profit community center. In order to keep the printing costs low and reproducibility high, I suggested a one color logo. The community center was distinctive because it featured swimming classes and longer hours than other neighborhood centers, both of which I decided to feature in the logo.


Client: Smudge Magazine

Date/Location: 2002/Muncie, IN

Details: Logo design for a small magazine. Client requested a simple black and white design with a DIY aesthetic. To that end I used hand-lettering to create the font.


Client: Self (Girlbot)

Date/Location: 2001/Muncie, IN

Details: Logo design for first incarnation of my design company called Girlbot. One color design was used for ease of reproducibility and to keep printing costs low.



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